बुधवार, 4 जनवरी 2012

I will still keep the “hope”

Flowers are not blossoming
Leaves are
not green now a days
Season is so much foggy, I see..
And sky is covered with
Undesired clouds
I will still keep the “hope”;

What I want to say
You never hear
What I want to listen
You never say
Time is taking too much time
And it may be too long
I will stay forever for "you";

Moments are flying, I feel
But my days are
much hard to pass
what I don’t
want to remember
Became the
slideshow ongoing forever
May be its too much
for pain too
I will still tolerate whatever it;

I will have much better lives
Or I am going to die in better way
I don’t know
What my destiny keep for me..
I know, what I have in my hands
and how it will take the best shape,
that's why
I will ever ready to move on..